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Leah Philpott


Be the best you can be: yourself



     Let's put it this way: imagine someone took a picture of our solar system at the exact time and place you were born.

     Now, for a start, you would get a pretty snapshot of the cosmos... Big deal!

But more interestingly perhaps, you would also obtain a pattern created through all the combined angles the planets had been forming together while transiting around the Sun.

     That pattern is your birth chart, a gift from the universe to you; in other words, your life's potential. 

     More specifically, your chart is for you to explore and get acquainted with. It is about the power and creativity you and only yourself can claim ownership of — and learn to harness for the better. No one else but you will ever be the captain on this ship, and you are the one to hoist the mainsail.

Your chart may as well, and most certainly will, show you the not-so-good parts of your psyche, which at times would seem to impede progress, make you feel stuck and bogged down. Yet, on the other hand, it may well help you get to where you want to be. 

   We are all connected to the macrocosm surrounding us, and for some mysterious reason, influenced by it. The true key is to learn to know ourselves well enough to overcome our limitations and paradoxically become the freest we can by embracing them and working with them.

    I did not wish to believe it at first. I have always been somewhat of a rationalist. Yet one cannot help but notice over the years that astrology, together with the modern input of psychological studies, used in a wise and humble way, proves to be one of the most thorough methods self-development has to offer to this day.

     I am Leah Philpott, I have studied psychology and literature in Paris and have been a teacher for several years before committing myself to being a full-time consulting astrologer, and I actually would prefer to alter the former denomination by using the following terminology instead: astro-therapist. Because ultimately, astrology is and always should be a tool to help and free people from what stands between them and their well-being. It cannot be an en unto itself.

 I am the custodian of an old-time knowledge my mother has handed me down over 20 years: astro-psychology. I consider it to be a true and valuable science such is the accuracy of its results and the effective help it provides people from all walks of life.

People who are in short striving to live a life that truly matches who they are and, in actual fact, always were meant to be.

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What can I give the world?

What am I best at?


How do I behave in relationships?

What are my innermost needs?

Me, myself and I

Where am I?

Who am I?

What's the purpose?


How to understand him/her?

Why does he/she behave this way?

'I am not here to deny you free-will. It is what you ought to hold most dear. I am here to help you make optimum use of it.'



" How bang-on can you get? I am so impressed and grateful by the way astro-coaching has led me to figure out how complex I was and yet how it all fits together somehow through my very own personal "inner pattern". I don't know how it works exactly, but it does, big time! " Meghan, 28 years old


"Simply mind-blowing...!

Thank you so much!

I already feel far better-equipped now to face what there is to face and implement long-overdue changes."     Juliette, 26 years old

"Getting to know oneself is a tricky business. You're bound to meet cracks, bumps and all of life's treat cones bursting open when you least expect it. Astrocoaching definitely helps you gain perspective and insights as to why do they happen to you the way they do, how you had been hardwired all the way to react in a certain way, and what it takes to become the master of your own self."          Ella, 31 years old
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Honestly? I'm still quite hesitant...

Come on! Give it a try... Just once! You're in for a big surprise!

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